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Vehicles for U.S. Diplomats Overseas
Diplomatic Automobile Sales is a unique program that provides new cars to the international Foreign Service community. Whether you're currently stationed abroad, returning to the States, or moving to your next post, we can save you time and money. Our risk-free new car program is designed exclusively for the Diplomatic community.


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Factory direct prices and access to exclusive rebates and incentives

Purchasing and financing options available

Custom, factory-ordered vehicles built to your exact specifications or choose from large factory inventories for fast delivery

A wide selection of vehicle makes and models

Delivery arranged almost anywhere in the world

Personal assistance available from our consultants either online or by phone - we'll provide you with all the information you'll need to purchase a vehicle and drive in the USA!

Exclusive Guarantees

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When you order through Diplomatic Automobile Sales, you'll benefit from:

Lowest Price Guarantee

100% Price Protection

100% Rebate Protection

Guaranteed full factory warranty coverage worldwide for most vehicles

Guaranteed Delivery Date

Guaranteed Satisfaction at delivery

Enjoy the privilege of Diplomatic Automobile Sales, and take advantage of the concierge service and special savings. With hundreds of models, trim lines and options available, a factory authorized consultant will provide you with specifications and pricing which will help you determine the vehicle that best suits you.

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